Grand Rapids Irrigation

We want to be more than just your lawn care company. Having to shop around for a variety of services is a task you just don’t have time for, so let us tend to your  irrigation needs. From design to installation, our expert technicians will help your lawn reach an even higher level of growth potential with our top-of-the line irrigation systems. And furthermore, we will make sure they are always in top working condition. Look no further and call us today to find out how an irrigation system can benefit your lawn!

Irrigation System Design

We employ irrigation experts, so you know when your order a design from us, you’re getting the best. From concept to execution, we guarantee you will not be dissatisfied with your irrigation system design. Of course since you are our valued customer, we want your input as to how to best service your property.

Grand Rapids Sprinkler Installation

We want to minimize the mess and time consumption of installing one of our valuable sprinkler systems, so you can have the convenience without being inconvenienced. Our professionals are trained to make sure your property looks as good as it did before the installation and to make sure your irrigation system was installed correctly, ensuring minimal problems in the future.

Sprinkler Repair/Problem Diagnosis

If by chance your irrigation system isn’t functioning properly, call us right away so we can diagnose and repair any issues. We want your experience to be nothing but positive, so we will be quick to identify the problem and fix it so your lawn gets the full advantage of a GR lawn service irrigation system.

Drip Edge

Because we only use cutting-edge technology, We also offers drip edges installed with our irrigation systems. Don’t let excess water get away from your grass roots by leaving out this important feature; call us today and consult with one of our  irrigation experts about how a drip edge can benefit your sprinkler system.

Grand Rapids Sprinkler Maintenance/Optimization

Once you decide to add a sprinkler system to your landscape, you don’t need to worry about maintaining it or making sure it’s working to its utmost ability. This service includes pressurizing the sprinkler system. A  technician will check every zone for proper operation, as well as clean around all heads and valve boxes. Your irrigation controller will then be programmed to the current weather type or site manager’s specifications. All repairs will then be completed, after an estimate is provided to the site manager and approval is given. (Parts and labor additional).

Grand Rapids Sprinkler Winterization

This is the most important step when maintaining your irrigation system. Our trained staff will close all valves that supply the system and drain any water from all the supply lines. We will then blow compressed air at a rate of 125 cubic feet per minute throughout all the zone lines, forcing out all of the water and preventing the underground pipes from freezing during the winter.