Grand Rapid Snow Plowing

Tired of breaking your back shoveling snow? You came to the right place. We provide snow plowing services in Grand Rapids for both residential and commercial clients. We excel at what we do and want to add you to our snow plowing route. Let us show you what we can do! Below we have laid out all the information you need to know about our services. If you have anymore questions,  just give us a call! 


Snow Plowing Season Dates 

Grand Rapids normally gets its snowfall between November and April. We will have your driveway and parking lot staked with orange visibility markers when we see the first sign of snowfall. This could be either in early November like in the winter of 2013-14 or it could be in mid-January like it was during the 2012-2013 winter 


Grand Rapids Season Snowfall 

Grand Rapids averages around 72 inches of snow per year between November and April. Grand Rapids is ranked #7 in the United States in seasonal snowfall for cities that have a population over 50,000. Below is a chart of the total seasonal snowfall for the last 10 years. This will tell you why you need to sign up for our snow plowing services. 


Snow Totals for Grand Rapids

As you can see, some years Grand Rapids gets hammered with snow. Other years, we barely get any. Don’t take the chance. Hire us today! 


Note: Our season contract covers you for 25 plows. Any more than that and we will charge a small fee to cover gas and other plowing expenses. However this has only happened twice the last 10 years. 


What To Expect From Our Snow Removal Services 


Before Snowfall 

In order for your driveway to be plowed, we need the payment up front. This is not because we do not trust you, but because we have had instances throughout the years where clients would not pay us, and it hurt our company. We accept all major credit cards and checks. Once we have received your payment, we will assign you to one of our routes. Around mid-November, we will have our team come out and stake your driveway. The driver that will plow your driveway will be present and will make note of the shape of your driveway and any obstacles to avoid.  


During Snow Season 

Once the first snow comes its go-time. We will plow your driveway every time there is 1.5 inches of accumulation. Normally this will be between the hours of 12 am and 7 am to avoid any traffic and pedestrians as it is dangerous for them. We realize that Grand Rapids receives many snow storms during the winter. During a snowstorm we will be on call 24/7 to take care of any needs you have. If we get over 4 inches of snow in a short period of time, we will be plowing during the day and will continue to plow with the storm to keep your driveway clear. 


After Snow Season 

The snow plowing season ends on April 1. We will now come and pick up the snow stakes from your property, and also replace any damaged sod or other objects your driver may have hit. If there is a chance of more snow, we will leave your snow stakes on your property until the chance of snow is gone.  

Grand Rapids Snow Plowing Pricing 

We know if you are looking for snow plowing you want to know our pricing as well. Since we are not located in a central area, our prices differ based on your location. 

Our pricing is as follows for residential driveways: 

  • If you live in Wyoming, Byron Center, Marne, Coopersville, Hudsonville, Grandville or surrounding areas your price will be $350 for the season. 
  • If you live in NE Grand Rapids, Rockford, Belmont, Comstock Park, or Ada, your price will be $250 for the season. 
  • If you live in East Grand Rapids, or Cascade, or Kentwood your price will be $275 for the season. 
  • If you are looking for a per time price for snow plowing, our rates start at $30 per time. 

Note: These prices are for single and double drives only. If you have a driveway that is oddly shaped or is longer than 100 ft, contact us for a custom estimate! 

Other Snow Removal Services offered 

We do more than just snow plowing! Check out some of our other winter services: 


Disclaimer: Snow Plowing does not provide a slip-free surface. Therefore you may want to hire us for salting as well. Our salt causes the water/snow to have a lower freezing point which helps melt the ice. We provide salting services to both residential driveways and commercial parking lots. Contact us for a quote! 

Snow Shoveling 

If we are already plowing your driveway, why not let us shovel your walks as well? Our plow trucks also will only be able to get within 3 feet of your garage door. If you hire us for shoveling we will clear that snow as well, which will require you to do absolutely no work at all! 

Grand Rapids Snow Plowing Testimonials 

I have never been let down by GR snow removal. They are by far the best company I ever hired! 

Greg K of NE Grand Rapids

I am not an client of them, but I was busy at the end of my driveway clearing snow when one of their trucks came through. The driver seen me struggling, backed up, and plowed my driveway for me. Thanks a lot! 

Roberta A of Ada, MI 

They have been plowing my driveway for over 12 years. I literally have not had to call them once over those 12 years.  

Jeff S of Rockford, MI