Lawn Maintenance Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Lawn Service is your #1 choice in lawn service in Michigan. We offer a spectrum of lawn care services, including everything from mowing and edging to lawn aeration, mulching and landscape bed maintenance. We offer only the best to our devoted customers that have kept us in service for many consecutive years. Call us today to keep your lawn a notch above the rest!

Lawn Mowing

We offer weekly and biweekly lawn mowing, edging and blowing services customized to our Grand Rapids customers’ requests. Our certified lawn technicians will mow your lawn at a height of approximately 3.5 inches or less depending on what your lawn needs. Because we know it’s important that your property look just as good as it did before we arrived, we blow excess grass clippings off driveways, patios and sidewalk areas. We also offers edging services on a bi-weekly basis, unless otherwise specified by site manager.

Lawn Aeration

Core aeration is the mechanical process of removing plugs of thatch and dirt from the lawn to open the soil. This process helps reduce compaction and advancing water infiltration, thus improving the root zone and allowing more nutrient and water saturation. We want you to have the best lawn you can possibly have and is sure you will see quick results with our lawn aeration process.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Our cleanup experts will manually remove all debris from landscape beds and lawn areas. This top-notch service also includes one cutting, edging and blowing of your property, as well as disposal of waste material.

Lawn Renovation

Looking for a lawn makeover? Look no further than the professionals at Grand Rapids Lawn Care Service. For many years we have been honing our craft as the top Michigan lawn service experts, making us the only trusted choice when it comes to renovating your lawn.

Landscape Renovation

You may be noticing your landscape needs a little sprucing up. One call to us will have our skilled landscape technicians using their talents to give your landscape that extra sparkle it desperately needs to catch your eye again.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

Finding the time to create a professional-looking landscape bed might just not be an option. Let us put the time in for you. A minimum of 8 times per season, weeds will be handpicked and hauled off site, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your landscape beds without the messy and time-consuming maintenance.

Seasonal Flower Planting

Because we want to make sure all of your  lawn services are met, we also offers seasonal flower planting. Our annual installation service includes the preparation of the bed area, comprised of the removal of any weeds, as well as the application of a granular weed barrier.

Mulch Service

We offer a second-to-none mulching service that includes the preparation of the mulching area. Our professional staff members will remove any weeds and will also apply a granular weed barrier treatment. Also have bulk mulch deliveries for the do it yourself.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Services

Our technicians will trim and shape all ornamental trees and/or shrubs up to 8 feet in height for proper look or uniformity. Our tree and shrub service also includes trimming, as well as hauling and disposal of all debris. This service is offered 2 times per year unless specified by the site manager.