Fertilizing, Weed Control, and Pest Control

We have spent many years making sure our customers receive the finest Metro Grand Rapids lawn care they can find anywhere from our certified technicians. Our array of services includes our reputable 5-step lawn care program designed to simultaneously fertilize your turf, all the while guarding it against weed infiltration. We also want to make sure your lawn is protected against lawn disease and harmful insects. Don’t hesitate; call us today and receive nothing but the best in lawn care MI.

 5-Step Lawn Care Program

Spring pre-emergent
A granular application of fertilizer with slow-release pre-emergent for crab grass control and broad leaf weed control.
Late spring weed & feed
A balanced liquid fertilizer with broadleaf weed and dandelion control.
Mid-summer fertilization
A granular application of fertilizer with weed control.
Late summer weed & feed
A balanced liquid fertilizer with broadleaf weed and dandelion control.
Fall fertilizer
A balanced granular fertilizer for winter feeding to help develop your lawn’s root zone.

Lawn Fertilization

We know your lawn, trees and shrubs need more than just an occasional tending to. Our fertilization programs keep your lawn and ornamentals looking healthy and vibrant throughout the years, giving your property an added element of beauty and elegance.

Weed Control

In addition to our weeding services, we offer a bevy of weed control products to help keep your lawn from being overrun by ugly and persistent weeds. Always using top-of-the-line products, our technicians will be happy to create a customized weed control plan for your landscape.

Lawn Insect Control

Insects can be devastating to a healthy lawn. We are well-equipped to take your lawn back from the insects and make it vibrant and full of life again. Our insect control products are guaranteed by our many years of service, letting you rest easy knowing that your lawn is in good hands. Call us today and get rid of those lawn pests once and for all.

Lawn Disease Control

When you hire us, you’re hiring the best in the business. Our certified professionals know how to spot the early signs of lawn disease and will consult with you on the best method of treatment. If you notice your lawn isn’t up to par with how it used to be, or you just want to be sure to keep your lawn safe from the possibility of disease, call us today and have our proficient technicians protect your lawn with the best products!

Lawn Grub Control

Grubs are a nuisance no one wants to deal with. Grubs are larvae that feed off the roots of healthy grass, rendering it weakened, if not completely damaged. Don’t wait until grubs have infested your lawn and possibly destroyed it completely. Call us to guard your healthy lawn against these destructive critters!

Lawn Fungus Control

Having trouble with snow molds or yellow patch? No lawn is safe from the possibility of lawn fungi invading and destroying your green, lush lawn. We are fully prepared to combat the onset of any lawn fungi you may have growing in your yard. Just one call can put your lawn back on the path to strength and vitality.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Your ornamentals add a special element of class to your property, so why not maximize their potential? We use only quality fertilization products to encourage your trees and shrubs to burst with growth, giving your landscape a full and luscious look.